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The rates listed below fixed rates with no pre-payment penalties.  The grid is designed as menu.  You select the rate you want based on the level of closing costs that you want.  At the lower rates you are paying points (this is a combination of origination fee and discount).  At the higher rates you are receiving a rebate (a credit to you) to apply to your other settlement charges.  The APR % is not the fixed rate on the note and does not represent the rate of interest you will pay.   The APR is designed to help you compare the total cost of financing for rates with different points and/or rebate amounts.  The Fixed Rate of interest on the left side of the grid is the rate of interest you will pay each month on the outstanding principal balance.

For an updated, detailed good faith estimate, please email me your sales price, down payment and whether or not your home is new construction.


 Rates - 01/10/2007

  30 Year Fixed Rates Points % or (Rebate) % Points $ or (Rebate) $ per $100,000 Loan Amt APR %   15 Year Fixed Rates Points % or (Rebate) % Points $ or (Rebate) $ per $100,000 Loan Amt APR %  
  5.625% 0.875  $        875.00 5.786%   5.375% 0.750  $        750.00 5.626%  
  5.750% 0.250  $        250.00 5.854%   5.500% 0.375  $        375.00 5.693%  
  5.875% -0.250  $       (250.00) 5.932%   5.625% 0.000  $              -   5.760%  
  6.000% -0.500  $       (500.00) 6.034%   5.750% -0.250  $       (250.00) 5.846%  
  6.125% -1.000  $    (1,000.00) 6.113%   5.875% -0.625  $       (625.00) 5.913%  
  6.250% -1.375  $    (1,375.00) 6.202%   6.000% -1.000  $    (1,000.00) 5.979%  

*Rates reflect a 30 day lock and are subject to pre-approval as a conforming A paper loan (over 95% of our borrowers qualify for these rates).  APR assumes a loan size of $200,000 and all applicable other lender, attorney and title fees. Call us at 866-321-4733 to lock rate/points/rebate desired.




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